The all-in-one
AI workspace for writers

Strut combines the tools you need to run your entire writing process — capture projects, notes, drafts, and more in collaborative workspaces powered by AI.

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Organize Writing Chaos

Notes, drafts, outlines — even the best process can get messy. Strut organizes your writing process for you.

Quickly capture and organize your content in flexible, collaborative workspaces.

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Use Strut’s pre-made stages or customize to your own process.
Real-Time Collaboration
Tackle projects as a team and give everyone visibility throughout the process.
Kanban, Grid, & List View
Get the full view of your documents, any way you like.

AI that's on your side

The only AI designed to collaborate with writers. No generic content, no steamrolling quality. Strut works alongside writers like you to create great work.

Inline Editing
Iterate and refine right in your documents. Shorten, re-write, check grammar, and more.
Mention Docs
Mention your docs in the chat to give powerful, clear instructions to the AI.